Upcoming concerts in 2023

May, 21st : Handel, Lully on David's psalms
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To be confirmed in 2023 :
September, 10th : Haydn Creation
October, 29th: Mozart Requiem
In 2024 :
Vivaldi Gloria, Magnificat

Handel, Lully on David's psalms 

Dixit Dominus, Miserere, De Profondis

Sacred music was flourishing during the reign of Louis XIV. Dance and music were some of his greatest passions.

This concert allows you to hear all the splendor of the most fastuous French baroque music composed by the preferred composer of the Sun King: Lully.

The orchestra will accompany the "Big choir," who answers to the "Small choir", composed of soloist singers. Sung in Latin, these motets are prayers: "Miserere Mei Deus," Dies Irae," and "De Profundis."

Vivaldi-Gloria and Magnificat

Vivaldi’s Gloria and Magnificat are two of his most famous pieces. They involve choir, soloists, singers and orchestra.

Vivaldi’s Gloria is a joyful hymn of praise and worship focusing on the glory of God. 

The Magnificat contains the words spoken by the Virgin Mary, who is expecting Our Lord, to her cousin Elizabeth during a visit. The words are powerful, yet humble. The music is inspiring and full of joy.

Listening and reflecting on both pieces will bring you happiness.

Joseph Haydn-The Creation


The Creation by Joseph Haydn is considered one of the masterpieces of classical music.

Sung in German, the singers represent the voices of five characters: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and Adam and Eve. Their songs present the story of the first six days God spent creating the whole world. And what he finally advised to the first man and woman, as to stay in happiness for ever… 


Mozart’s Requiem is one of the most widely known classical pieces from the 18th century.

Come hear this version, full of contrasts, played in an early music style, closer to what Mozart would have expected, for this masterpiece to be displayed.

Utility and aim:

Do you want to learn about the incredible world of classical music? Do you want to learn about the composers’ lives, their work, the way they were able to live from their work and their talent? All of these secrets will be revealed through these musical encounters.

Understanding the world’s songs, the way they were written, and the historical context will give you some tools to enjoy these concerts deeply. When you possess the keys to understanding, you will experience the whole substance of the concert.

Let's share music together

As to discover all of the meanings and the stories about this musical world, our booklets will help you to discover how the composers lived, created music and shared their talents with the world. 

Understanding the words of the songs, the way they were written, and the historical context will enhance your concert experience.